fthrsn - On Our Way

I had zippy swag in middle school. Many would say I still lack heavily what these kids call ‘swag’, but by golly, this song is chuck full of it. Off his album Middle School Swag which recounts how he felt when that time in your life where EVERYTHING changes. All thanks to the shifting of your out of whack hormones. Half of your friends are 6’3 while you’re still kicking rocks down at 5’5. The girl you thought was so icky and gross last year is all of a sudden the most beautiful creature you’ve ever laid your naive eyes on.

Do peep the Michigan native Macklin Underdown’s newest album Middle School Swag, it’s available for digi download and soon out on cassette via the equally great GRL MTN I had a hard time trying to decide which to feature off this album, down between this one and ‘What do I want to be when I grow up’. But I don’t think I went wrong.