Ducktails - Couch Surfer

Ever since I heard Couch Surfer during Ducktails set on several occasions I knew I had to have it. However, it only lived within the live set, which was a bummer. But, the planets aligned when Ducktails designed a Kickstarter so he could self release his music on vinyl for the first time. As it would go this song ended up on the b-side of the “Killin’ the Vibe EP”. Soon as I found out I supported the project and got the update last week or so ago that it’ll be arriving on my doorstep any day now. If you head to a Ducktails or Real Estate show you can pick this up now.


via perfectmidnightworld:

Digging into the playful, lo-fi guitar-pop of Ducktails for some summer sounds. This jam from the new Killin’ the Vibe EP, has a hypnotic, swirling, almost-island vibe to it which helps it burrow into your head and stay for a while. Good sounds on this one.

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(Source: perfectmidnightworld)